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Let’s embark on a flavorful journey, shall we?

We’ll explore the vast world of PepsiCo brands, which include 23 beloved names that generate over $1 billion in revenue each. Do the math and you’ll quickly realize that PepsiCo is aiming to rise to the top of beverage and food industry.

From fizzy sodas to scrumptious snacks, these powerhouses dominate the food and beverage market.

Mountain Dew: A Favorite Among Soda Enthusiasts

Ahh, Mountain Dew – this iconic green bottle has been quenching thirsts since 1940.

With its unique citrus flavor and energizing kick, it’s no wonder this soft drink is a fan favorite among PepsiCo’s collection of beverage brands.

Naked Juice: Offering a Variety of Fruit Juice Blends

Moving on from carbonated beverages, let us introduce you to Naked Juice.

This brand offers an extensive range of delicious fruit juice blends made with real fruits – perfect for those seeking healthier options within PepsiCo’s portfolio of food brands.

Frito-Lay: The Leading Snack Brand in North America

Frito-Lay brands have been satisfying snack cravings for decades now and one of the numerous PepsiCo brands.

Their mouthwatering lineup includes classics like Fritos corn chips and Tostitos brand tortilla chips – truly irresistible treats for all ages.

Sabritas & Gamesa: Popular Latin American Food Companies

Last but not least, we venture into Latin America, where PepsiCo’s regional brands Sabritas and Gamesa reign supreme.

These companies produce a variety of popular snacks, catering to the unique tastes of their respective markets – a testament to PepsiCo’s global reach and adaptability.

Exploring PepsiCo’s Snack Brands

pepsico brands

We’re diving into the world of PepsiCo brands, showcasing their diverse range of products that have captured taste buds around the globe.

Cheetos & Doritos – Irresistible Cheesy and Flavored Chips

Cheetos are those dangerously cheesy puffs that are hard to resist. And let’s not forget Doritos, with its bold flavors and iconic crunch. These two beloved brands keep snack enthusiasts coming back for more.

Quaker Oats – Nutritious Breakfast Options for All Ages

Moving from savory to wholesome, we have Quaker Oats. PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats has a range of nourishing options like instant oatmeal, cereal bars and cereals to kickstart your day in the healthiest way possible.

Kurkure – Indian Spicy Corn Puffs Loved Globally

Last but certainly not least is Kurkure, an Indian brand known for its unique spicy corn puff snacks. Their finger-licking flavors have won over fans far beyond India’s borders – talk about global snacking domination.

PepsiCo-Owned Brands: More Than Just Soft Drinks

Did you know that the amount of PepsiCo brands totals 23, including some of the most popular beverage and food brands in the market? From soft drinks to sports drinks, and even dairy products, PepsiCo has a diverse range of offerings to cater to different consumer preferences.

Let’s explore some of the non-carbonated drink options provided by different PepsiCo-owned brands:

Tropicana – Refreshing Fruit Juices Made from Real Fruits

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, Tropicana offers an array of fruit juices made from real fruits. Their products range from classic orange juice to exotic blends like pineapple mango.

Gatorade – Replenishing Sports Drinks for Athletes

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike can appreciate the benefits of Gatorade. Replenishing electrolytes during exercise is made easier with Gatorade, keeping you hydrated and energized.

Aquafina – Pure Bottled Water Sourced Responsibly

For those who prefer simplicity, there’s always good old-fashioned water. Aquafina, a popular bottled water brand under PepsiCo’s umbrella, ensures that its product is sourced responsibly and undergoes rigorous purification processes before reaching consumers.

So next time you’re looking for a refreshing drink, remember that PepsiCo has got your back with diverse options beyond just soft drinks.

Partnerships with Other Companies: Expanding PepsiCo’s Reach

Pepsi soda aluminum cans

Let’s talk about teamwork.

PepsiCo has cleverly extended its global presence by collaborating with third-party companies like Starbucks and Unilever.

This strategic move allows them to diversify their product offerings while staying true to their core business focus on beverages and snacks.

Are you curious about these partnerships?

Starbucks Ready-to-Drink Products – Expanding Coffee Lovers’ Choices

A match made in caffeine heaven.

PepsiCo teamed up with Starbucks, the world-renowned coffee company, to manufacture ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee products.

The result? Ready-to-drink Starbucks coffee products, developed in collaboration with PepsiCo, offer a convenient and tasty alternative to traditional sodas.

Unilever Lipton Iced Tea – A Joint Venture for a Refreshing Alternative to Sodas

Say hello to your new summer staple. In collaboration with Unilever, PepsiCo brands brings us the perfect thirst-quencher – Lipton Iced Tea.

This joint venture offers consumers a refreshing alternative to traditional soft drinks while capitalizing on both companies’ expertise in beverage production and distribution.

So there you have it.

PepsiCo’s strategic partnerships not only expand their product offerings but also strengthen their position as a global leader in the beverage market.

PepsiCo’s Global Reach and Regional Brands

person under clear plastic umbrella near Pepsi vending machine

PepsiCo’s dominance in the food and beverage market is evident from its far-reaching influence across multiple regions. Their secret sauce? Adapting their products to cater to local tastes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the regional brands that have contributed significantly to PepsiCo’s growth.

Sabra – A Popular Hummus Brand in North America

PepsiCo brands acquired Sabra back in 2008 through a joint venture with Israel-based Strauss Group. This beloved brand offers delicious hummus dips, guacamole, and salsas – perfect for satisfying those snack cravings.

Simba – South Africa’s Beloved Potato Chip Brand

In 1999, PepsiCo brands added Simba to its portfolio after acquiring the company from PAI Partners. Simba chips are known for their bold flavors inspired by traditional South African cuisine – talk about tasty innovation.

Bonus: Quaker Foods North America & Tostitos Brand Collaboration

A match made in heaven. In an effort to diversify their product offerings even further, Quaker Foods North America teamed up with the Tostitos brand under Frito-Lay. The result? Deliciously crunchy White Cheddar Popcorn Chips that have become a fan favorite across the continent.

These regional brands are just a few examples of how PepsiCo continues to expand its reach and cater to diverse tastes worldwide. So, the next time you’re enjoying your favorite snack or beverage, remember – there’s probably a PepsiCo-owned brand behind it.

pepsico brands

FAQs in Relation to Pepsico Brands

What Brands are Owned by PepsiCo?

PepsiCo owns a diverse range of beverage, snack, and food brands. Some of the most popular include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lay’s, Gatorade, Tropicana, Quaker Oats Company products like Instant Oatmeal and Chewy Granola Bars as well as Frito-Lay snacks such as Doritos and Cheetos. The company also has regional brands like Walkers Crisps in the UK and Sabritas in Mexico.

PepsiCo has over 22 billion-dollar global brands across its portfolio. These encompass various categories including beverages (carbonated soft drinks), juices & juice drinks (Tropicana), sports nutrition (Gatorade), ready-to-drink teas & coffees (Lipton Tea Partnership), salty snacks (Frito-Lay), grains-based foods (Quaker Oats Company) etc.

What are Five PepsiCo Brands?

  • Pepsi: Carbonated soft drink with worldwide recognition.
  • Gatorade: Sports drink providing hydration and electrolytes for athletes.
  • Lay’s: Popular potato chip brand available globally.
  • Tropicana: Producer of fruit juices from concentrate or not-from-concentrate varieties.
  • Doritos: Bold flavored tortilla chips enjoyed around the world.

Is Gatorade A PepsiCo Brand?

Yes, Gatorade is owned by PepsiCo. The company acquired the sports drink brand in 2001 as part of its merger with Quaker Oats Company. Since then, Gatorade has continued to be a leading sports nutrition and hydration product under the PepsiCo umbrella.


PepsiCo’s portfolio of owned brands is vast, with offerings ranging from Mountain Dew and Naked Juice to Cheetos and Doritos snacks, as well as Quaker Oats Company breakfast items and Latin American food brands. The company also boasts a range of Latin American food brands, Europe’s salty snack portfolio, and the Quaker Oats Company with nutritious breakfast options and wholesome snack choices.

With Kurkure in India, Sabra in North America, and Simba in South Africa among other brands under its umbrella, PepsiCo continues to expand its global reach while maintaining high standards for quality products.

This expansion of PepsiCo brands signals a growing trend among large and established brands, that might find its way trickling down to new business models, as demonstrated by ghost kitchens.

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