The RetailWire Golden Rule

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How we moderate the discussions

We moderate all comments on RetailWire discussions, whether submitted by our BrainTrust panel of industry experts or other site users. Editorial and approval decisions are made only by our in-house team. We strive to make these decisions consistently and fairly.

We require high ethical, intellectual and professional standards from our commenters. Passionate discussions are welcome on RW, but we require that user comments be genuine (i.e., written by the bylined author) and respectful of other commenters and other schools of thought.

We will delete posts that we believe are irrelevant to the topic at hand or detract from professional, courteous discussion. Repeat offenders may have their posting privileges revoked.

Unacceptable content and behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Obscenities or abusive language
  • Personal attacks on another contributor
  • Commentary disrespectful of particular groups of people or schools of thought
  • Allegations of bad faith against another contributor
  • Content that is not directly related to the discussion questions
  • Political comments that diverge from the topic and/or are not directly concerned with the retail industry
  • Promotion of one’s own business or affiliated enterprise
  • Unclear or distracting formatting
  • Thread hijacking (i.e., adding numerous comments that overwhelm a discussion)

To report problematic content to the moderation team or ask for an explanation of the team’s decisions, contact us.

Direct messages

RW provides direct email messaging for users to contact our BrainTrust panelists. Users who send unsolicited promotional messages or threatening, insulting or abusive content risk being excluded from the RetailWire community. Problematic messages should be reported to the moderation team by emailing us via our contact page.

Voluntary removal of content

We strive to maintain RetailWire articles and discussions as a useful resource and an accurate archive of user perspectives. We see the comments you contribute as integral to the flow of the discussions. If you wish us to remove your comment(s), however, we will do so at your request. Please contact us with your request.

Corrections and disputes

Commenters sometimes wish to alter their comments, correct typos, or address complaints or disputes about their comments. Users may be able to edit their own comments.


If you receive money for writing your comments, or have a business or personal relationship with a party being discussed, you must disclose this by adding a declaration to your comment.

Contact us

If you wish to contact the moderation team for any reason, please email us via our contact page. If you can, please include your RetailWire username and the URL of relevant comments, article, etc. We do our best to respond to all relevant communications.