Newegg Commerce, Inc.

Newegg Commerce, Inc. has unveiled an innovative online shopping feature that employs generative AI to condense customer product reviews into concise insights. Named “Review Bytes” and “SummaryAI,” these AI-generated summaries aim to streamline the shopping experience by offering quick and informative glimpses into customer sentiment.

In a notable move to enhance customer decision-making, Newegg’s ChatGPT-powered AI analyzes reviews and extracts key phrases to create Review Bytes, highlighting product pros and cons. By clicking on these bites, customers can access the full reviews. The more comprehensive SummaryAI further enriches the shopping journey by elaborating on customer opinions.

Available on Newegg’s desktop website for select products with sufficient reviews, the AI-generated content is clearly marked. Newegg aims to bolster transparency and trust while aiding customers in making more informed choices. The initiative aligns with Newegg’s commitment to leveraging AI for an improved shopping experience, with a focus on facilitating better decision-making for customers and insights for manufacturers.