Shiftlab has introduced its new real-time performance management dashboard, Store Pulse, designed to empower retail field teams with proactive insights into key trends. The platform offers real-time data on factors like timely store openings, overtime trends, productivity alerts, and shift compliance.

Addressing the issue of late store openings, which can adversely impact guest experience and revenue, Store Pulse aids retail managers in resolving potential problems swiftly. This tool enhances retail efficiency by providing district managers with immediate notifications about potential delays, enabling them to take quick action.

Devin Shrake, CEO of Shiftlab, emphasized that Store Pulse’s ability to provide real-time data insights sets it apart, enabling timely interventions that save both time and money for retail teams. This innovative dashboard aligns with Shiftlab’s mission to offer effective tools to maximize workforce performance.

Store Pulse equips retail managers with the means to proactively manage store operations, monitor productivity, and ensure break compliance, ultimately contributing to an optimized guest experience.