Report: Pricing’s New Disconnect


Are your marketing and pricing teams aligned? New data suggests not.

Alignment between your marketing and pricing teams is essential to building a cohesive price strategy that elevates consumer perception and increases market share.

Yet, a recent retailer survey shows these teams have different views on key pricing and price perception strategies.

When these teams are misaligned, it can lead to costly mistakes like ineffective promotions, conflicting measures of success, and differing views on top strategic priorities.

This report dives further into the specific pricing strategy elements where the misalignment is most prominent, as well as explores what could be causing the disconnect and how retailers can work to build better unity across the two key business areas.

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What’s Inside:

Inside ‘Pricing’s New Disconnect’ you will find:

  • New data from retailers across North America and Europe in a variety of retail industries
  • 10+ new data visualizations
  • The risks and consequences of this pricing disconnect
  • Where to look for possible causes of the misalignment
  • Several strategies for rebuilding or strengthening unity between your pricing and marketing teams
  • How a collaborative, unified pricing solution can help

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